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On Snowy Pond, Germany

It’s hard to tell, but it’s snowing. To a lot of folks, that’s not impressive. But to us, having a snowy day on the “Romantic Road” in Germany last fall, was quite fun. Autumn had set in nicely with everything in blazing color, and then the powdery white blanket, finished it off. This little dock was the perfect find. I shot at numerous angles trying to get just the right shot. I didn’t want to leave, but the cold and getting wet finally moved me back to the vehicle. And off we went, on back roads, trying to get lost in this wonderful wanderland.

On Snowy PondDave Morgan-Creative Commons

On Snowy Pond
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Bass Lake near Oakhurst, California

This lake was a pleasant surprise out of the mountains of Yosemite National Park. After spending 3 days in Yosemite on a photo tour, I found this lake near the town of Oakhurst where I was staying. I spent the day hanging out here, before heading to Fresno for a late trip back to Phoenix. Felt like I had the place to myself. It’s always fun when that happens, especially shooting landscapes.

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Bass Lake, Oakhusrt, CaliforniaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Bass Lake, Oakhusrt, California
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons


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Fallen Leaf Lake near Lake Tahoe

A short distance out of South Lake Tahoe, California, we discovered Fallen Leaf Lake quite by accident. It was one of those,”let’s just get off the main road and head for the back country”. We never know where we’re going to end up. Sometimes you hit a gem like this spot. There were homes and cabins along the lake shore and eventually we came upon a marina and restaurant at the south end. Nice find off the beaten path. This perspective shot, was right up the dock looking north.

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Fallen Leaf Lake, CaliforniaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Fallen Leaf Lake, California
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe, California

The frigid clear waters of Lake Tahoe are surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This alpine lake is a natural, as it gets it water primarily from snow melt. Tour Boats come and go daily to this Cove. We hiked for what seemed like miles down to Vikingsholm Mansion. This photo was taken on the beach in front of the mansion. How would you like to wake up to this view everyday?

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Emerald Bay, Lake TahoeDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Mackinac Bridge from Mackinac Island, Michigan

Every evening tourist flock to the west shore to watch the sunset over Mackinac Bridge to the west. Lake Huron stretches out like an ocean, so big you can’t see to the other side. Imagine in the winter, when all tourist have left, this lake turns to ice. For locals, it connects the mainland to the island, and snowmobiles take to the water, or should I say ice, and the boats are dry docked. After Christmas, they line up all the Christmas trees, across the lake as guiding post for the snowmobiles to follow. Pretty clever! I guess the big question each year is; “who is the brave one to test the ice first”. If you’re wrong, goodbye snowmobile and maybe goodbye you!

This photo was taken in mid September this year. We like to visit areas past tourist season. Rooms are easy to find and at a great price. We stayed in a beautiful B&B, we called the day of arrival and got it for $85.00 per night. Not a bad price and the place was fabulous.

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Mackinac Island BridgeDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Mackinac Island Bridge
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Rocky Shores of Lake Huron, Michigan

On our trip to Mackinac Island we followed the west shoreline of Lake Huron for just this reason, to hopefully catch stretches of shoreline that were pristine and endless. This golden shore accented by the setting sun and a little photoshop magic helped set the mood I was hoping for.

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Rocky Coast, Lake Huron,Michigan
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunset Boulders at “The Dells”, Prescott, Arizona

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“The Dells” at Watson Lake in Prescott are quite unique rock formations. As sunset approaches, the granite boulders light up with soft glows of orange, yellow and red. I’d like to catch these formations sometime with billowing  gray clouds in the distance for the HDR effect.  It’s always been perfectly blue skies when I have been there.

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The Dells-Prescott, Az
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Amazing Arizona Sunsets

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Each evening when I’m home in Phoenix, Arizona, I like to keep an eye out for the formation of clouds, as it approaches sunset. I happen to live in a small lake community, where within minutes I can be at the shore-line looking for a vantage point to catch a silhouetted view over the palm  trees. Usually it’s hit or miss, but all the more worth it, when you catch a good one. I always say, you  don’t have to wander far from your back yard to catch some interesting shots. If you want to get better at your photography, just be willing to get out of the house and..shoot..shoot..shoot!

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Arizona Red Sunset
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Canoe at Smith’s Polynesian Luau, Kauai

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Quite the beautiful grounds to stroll on at the Smith’s Polynesian Luau in the Wailua River Valley on Kauai. As the crowds were all heading back to prepare for a sunset meal at the pavilion, I headed the other direction taking advantage of the quiet stillness and people-less areas in the back of the park. Nothing like having the place to yourself as sunset approaches and the photographic opportunities that come with it.

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Canoe at Smith’s Luau
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunrise at Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona

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One of my favorite spots to photograph in Arizona is the “The Dells”, Prescott, Arizona. The boulders are flung around  everywhere making some interesting fun photography. This sunrise shot was one of my 1st, before I started climbing and jumping around different boulders looking for better and better vantage points. I remember taking a leap between a rather deep crevasse and slammed my brand new Canon 16-35mm into the granite wall. It bounced back and slammed me in the nose giving me quite a jolt. The lens managed to stay in one piece, though the sky light filter got bent up pretty good. Saved by a cheap filter. That’s the way to do it!

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Sunride at Watson Lake
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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