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Canoe at Smith’s Polynesian Luau, Kauai

Daily Photo:

Quite the beautiful grounds to stroll on at the Smith’s Polynesian Luau in the Wailua River Valley on Kauai. As the crowds were all heading back to prepare for a sunset meal at the pavilion, I headed the other direction taking advantage of the quiet stillness and people-less areas in the back of the park. Nothing like having the place to yourself as sunset approaches and the photographic opportunities that come with it.

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Canoe at Smith’s Luau
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunrise in Kapa’a, Hawaii

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Hawaii is always a great place to get out of the summer heat of Phoenix. Each morning I would set the alarm for 5:45, throw on a pair of shorts and sandals and stumble out the door 50Ft to the beach to get the sunrise. Most mornings the clouds were in the way, but this morning it opened up long enough to get a shot or two. Then it started raining and off I’d run back to the condo and back to bed to wake up a decent hour. After all in Hawaii, what’s the hurry for just about anything.

Sunrise in Kapa’a, Hawaii
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Kei Beach Sunset, Kauai

Daily Photo:

Kei Beach is on Kauai’s extreme west shore. It’s at the end of the road. Many hikers take off from Kei Beach to hike Napali Coast. I decided we would do that another time. Many people come from all over the island just to sit in the sand and watch the sunset. This night rain kept shaking up the party and folks would go running for cover. As quickly as sunset came it went and then a nice down pour that pretty much ended the party. I spent most of my time underneath the trees trying to keep my equipment dry. In the end it was a race to the car, but not before catching this nice glow.

Kei Beach Sunset, Kauai
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai

Daily Photo:

One of the most photographed spots on Kauai, is the Kilauea Lighthouse. I’ve stopped by here a number of times trying to hit on the perfect clear day. This shot kind of gave me what I was looking for. I shot it as an HDR to cut down on the deeper shadows that were in the rocks. It pretty much went as planned. Definitely a great stop if you’re touring the coast of Kauai.

Kilauea Lighthouse
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Kayaking The Wailua River, Kauai

Daily Photo:

On our trip last week to Kauai, we decided it was time to navigate the Wailua River in a kayak. We had been to Kauai a number of times and don’t know why we hadn’t done it sooner, because it was a blast. The goal is to row up to a drop-off point, hike a mile into the jungle to a secret falls, and then row back out another mile to the ocean. Sad to say I didn’t take my pro photo gear with me, because of the threat of getting it wet. We managed to get our lunch all the way to the falls without it getting wet, so the next time I’ll chance the trip with gear. It was awesome enough to catch some great shots. Scenery was out of this world and definitely something you ought to try if you get over there.

This shot was taken at a small loading ramp where we put in our kayaks. Straight out to the left is Smith’s Tropic Paradise where we went to a Luau the next day.

Kayaking the Wailua River
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Smith’s Tropic Paradise, Kauai

In Kauai last week, took in a Luau at Smith’s Tropic Paradise. It had beautiful grounds to wander around for hours if you chose. I got there at a great time for photos. The clouds were very dramatic and lighting was perfect. A wedding had just commenced on this bridge, so when everyone cleared out I grabbed a chance to grab a few shots. Fabulous night, weather was perfect and a great spot to spend an evening, if you’re ever on the island of Kauai.

Japanese Bridge at Smith’s Tropic Paradise
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Wailua River, Kauai, Hawaii

I had heard that shark travel up this river in Kauai once in a while and people have been attacked. So kayaking for me was out. I thought maybe skydiving might be safer. I then decided photographing from the shore was maybe safer, and so, this picture was a result of all that analysis.

Many films since the fifties have been filmed on or around the Wailua river, including Blue Hawaii, “The Lost World”-Jurassic Park, “Outbreak” and more recently the real life story of the girl who lost her arm to a shark attack-“Soul Surfer”. A scene from the movie was filmed just upstream from this location with Carrie Underwood.

The Wailua River winds through several ecosystems.  From forested river banks and tall cliffs to lush green rain forest as you wind upriver.

Wailua River, Kauai, Hawaii
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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