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Sunset Boulders at “The Dells”, Prescott, Arizona

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“The Dells” at Watson Lake in Prescott are quite unique rock formations. As sunset approaches, the granite boulders light up with soft glows of orange, yellow and red. I’d like to catch these formations sometime with billowing¬† gray clouds in the distance for the HDR effect.¬† It’s always been perfectly blue skies when I have been there.

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The Dells-Prescott, Az
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunset Over The Canyonlands, Utah


“After light” or some may call it “light after the light”. No matter what you call it, as a photographer you wait ’til the bitter end before you pack up your photo gear and hike back in the dark, no matter where you’re at.¬† The sunset has different stages of light and color as it projects out in the atmosphere and bounces off the different layers of clouds. I was with a group of photographers in the Canyonlands of Utah at Green River Overlook. We talked all things photography, one being, “you wait for the “light after the light” before you pack it in. We were not having any sunset, for the clouds were thick on the western horizon. It was cold and extremely windy and we all decided to call it a day and head back to the parking lot. Just as we got to our cars, a sliver of light come cracking through under the clouds and lit the entire sky red. Like a bunch of crazy’s, we ran back to the edge of the canyon to set back up, as the red quickly melted away. I mananged to get a few shots off before it was all gone. No one else faired as well. As we packed one last time, and kicked ourselves in the butt, we all rehearsed in our minds, ” wait for the “light after the light”.

Sunset Over The Canyonlands
Dave Morgan
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“The Dells”-Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona

A peculiar kind of place. Looks like somewhere you would expect to see “The Flintstones”. Granite boulders just piled up everywhere. It’s a blast just hiking and climbing and jumping around them, though my new wide angle Canon 16-35mm lens took a hit when I did a body ram into a wall on one of my crazy jumps. Good thing they’re built tough, because it hit pretty hard. This was an after dusk shot when shadows were faded and winds had calmed down. Done with 3 exposures using Photomatix, Photoshopcs5 and Topaz Adjust. Any questions on my photography leave a comment. See all my photos in the “Gallery” above.

"The Dells" Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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