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Grand Canal of Venice, Italy

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of visiting Venice. It has a history for me, for close by is where I met my wife. Venice became I place where we spent our days walking and talking and looking toward the future and all the great things we were going to do. In those days, it was like going to the mall; shopping, eating, and cruising on the canal. Well, I guess you can’t do that at a mall, so that makes Venice a step up from the mall. Like most places, pictures are great, but you have to experience it, up-close, in person, to really catch the magnitude of just about any place.

We just returned from “The Romantic Road”, in Germany where we spent a week touring castles, medieval towns, magical countrysides, the alps, and snow and autumn blending into a picture-perfect backdrop to a once-in-a-lifetime trip. I’ll be bringing you more photos in the weeks and months to come.

Daily Photo:

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Grand Canal of Venice

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Rialto Bridge, Venice-HDR

A perfect spot to be in Venice is the Rialto Bridge. It seems to be in the center of it all and every tourist ends up there. We stayed at a hotel right off the bridge where we could sit and  immerse ourselves in it all. Was quite an experience and one we repeated many times in our favorite Europeans city. This HDR ended up being done with one photo due to the rocking of the Gondolas in the water.

Rialto Bridge
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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San Giorgio Basilica, Venice

Sundays in Venice:

I remember sundays being a day to visit Venice and go shopping. Sometimes just for a few hours. Sometimes making a day of it. Today I was reminiscing of the great memories I’ve had there and felt like posting Venice.

Daily Photo:

This recent photo is the first time we’ve been to Venice that the San Giorgio Basilica is not covered with scaffolding. Always a great spot for a sunset of this tiny island. Walking the palisade at night like so many have since the 8th century, you can’t help but feel part of a great history that has originated from here. Replace the cruiseships with sailing vessels and let the winds carry you back to a simpler time or to the late Victorian age, at the turn of the century. When I romantize about Venice of the past, it’s the Victorian era that captures me.

San Giorgio Basilica, Venice
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice

I don’t think many folks, from around the world show up in Venice without taking a Gondola ride. It’s just something you have to do, to knock off another one from your bucket list. This photo was taken near sunset with a wide angle lens. See all my photos by going to the “Gallery” above.

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Venice From Rialto Bridge

Strolling though Venice will eventually bring you to the Rialto Bridge crossing the Grand Canal. Standing on top looking east is bustling with restaurants, boats, gondolas, hotels and lights. Looking west as you see in the photo is a bit more subdued and quiet. A nice contrast to beautiful evening in the “walking city” of bridges, canals and walkways. It’s definitely my favorite European city and country as well.

All photos are Creative Commons-Non-Commercial. Use for fun, blogs or whatever but you must link to: and give credit to Dave Morgan

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