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The Gardens at Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

Hard to tell it’s raining as I make an attempt to photograph this beautiful fountain and grounds at the Grand Hotel. Folks who know the movie, “Somewhere in Time”, will recognize the scenery where part of the movie was filmed. We spent quite a bit of time, shooting the hotel and grounds, taking a horse and buggy ride around the area and enjoying one of the most beautiful islands anywhere. Probably the most enjoyable part of the trip was bicycling around the 7 mile perimeter of the island. Everyone would gather to catch the sunset on the beach in the evening, looking across Lake Huron toward the Mackinac Bridge to the west. Great times!

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Grand Hotel Gardens
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Water Fountain Paradise, Arizona

As I travel around Phoenix during the day, realizing we do live in a desert, having a little water spouting out makes it feel more like an oasis instead of this gigantic formidable hot,dry desert wasteland. Fountains and man-made lakes make it seem more tolerable. We travel alot around the world, but it’s always good to get back to Arizona. It seems when the rest of the country is going through hell with hurricanes, tornadoes, and crazy weather, Arizona is calm, blue and mild. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but then, we’re kind of glad it’s not!

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Water Fountain Paradise, Arizona
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Three Coins in The Fountain, Arizona

One of my first photos of HDR, practicing in my own neighborhood here in Arizona. I happen to live in a lake community in the Phoenix area and a fountain with water is a natural draw for HDR shots. Their’s nothing natural about a lake in the desert, so man-made is as good as it gets. It’s humbling to think of a lake in such a dry and arid place, and sometimes the luxury of it all seems a little silly.

Fountain in the Desert

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Raices Fountain, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Daily Photo:

Walk along the Paseo de la Princesa of Old San Juan and enjoy the sight of the magnificent Raíces Fountain. Famous among lovers who sit and watch the sunset turn the fountain to golds and copper colors. Though I missed out on a colorful sunset, the clouds made up for it, making a great HDR image. Hardly a moment went by without someone sitting on the ledge and throwing a coin in the fountain. Do I hear a song coming on!!

Raices Fountain-San Juan, Puerto Rico
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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