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Cruisin’ Through Glacier Bay, Alaska

I don’t think I’ve felt farther from civilization, then I felt in Glacier Bay, Alaska. It’s like you get a flat tire there, you’re gonna be eaten by wolves. Well being on a cruiseship, it could break down. I guess that’s not a bad thing. By the time you eat up all the food, another cruiseship is barreling through. You might get a little tired of the entertainment.

Not many people go out on deck, when cruising in Alaska. The air, even in the summer is quite cold, when the boat is moving. But the scenery is like nowhere else in the world. My guess is the only place close, would be up in Sweden and Norway, through the fjords, and down in New Zealand through Fjordland. Got to put those on my bucket list.

Daily Photo:

Glacier Bay, AlaskaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Glacier Bay, Alaska
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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All Hands on Deck! Glacier Bay, Alaska

Well maybe not. The rain kind of kept people in while approaching Margerie Glacier. The deck was quite slippery. Good thing we were in a calm bay. On a cruiseship, traveling up through the bays was my favorite part of cruising. You get to see quite a bit, including wildlife up closer. Don’t forget the binoculars!

Daily Photo:

All Hands on DeckDave Morgan-Creative Commons

All Hands on Deck
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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A Glimmer of Sunset in Alaska


The TravelBugster is out traveling on “The Romantic Road” this week. Anyone want to guess where in the world this is? Leave a comment and let me know if you can guess it? No Google, No cheating!

Daily Photo:

It had been cloudy, and the expectation of a sunset were pretty slim. But I waited, talking to a couple sitting on the cold, windy deck, trying to stay warm under some blankets from their room. As I was adjusting my camera for the sunset, right in front of me, in the water, a whale came up and spouted his spray, which reached all the way up to the deck I was on. I yelled to the couple, come check out the whale, but as quickly as it came, it was gone. I had a great view of it, but the couple didn’t. You can’t plan for these things, but it doesn’t hurt to be at the right place at the right time, at least waiting for something to happen. In my case a fleeting sunset. It wasn’t much, but it turned out to be an event worth going out for.

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Alaskan Sunset on the Volendam
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Oo ee Baby, Won’t You Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise

Daily Photo:

If you haven’t tried cruising, you’ll need to put it on your bucket list. For any age it is a whole lot of fun. You unpack once and you’re good to go for the week. Royal Caribbean a few years ago added the “Liberty of the Seas” to their fleet of mega-ships. I personally like the mega-ships with big mall-like palisades, Ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, and on and on. This is a shot of the colorful pool deck with the disco up above in the skybox. Like the old nostalgic song says..”Oo ee Baby, won’t you let me take you on sea cruise”.

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Liberty Of The Seas-pool deck
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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San Giorgio Basilica, Venice

Sundays in Venice:

I remember sundays being a day to visit Venice and go shopping. Sometimes just for a few hours. Sometimes making a day of it. Today I was reminiscing of the great memories I’ve had there and felt like posting Venice.

Daily Photo:

This recent photo is the first time we’ve been to Venice that the San Giorgio Basilica is not covered with scaffolding. Always a great spot for a sunset of this tiny island. Walking the palisade at night like so many have since the 8th century, you can’t help but feel part of a great history that has originated from here. Replace the cruiseships with sailing vessels and let the winds carry you back to a simpler time or to the late Victorian age, at the turn of the century. When I romantize about Venice of the past, it’s the Victorian era that captures me.

San Giorgio Basilica, Venice
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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