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Lake Tahoe Sunset

The race was on to try and find a vantage point to catch a sunset over Lake Tahoe. We figured we would have to reach the eastern side of the lake. Next challenge was finding a spot you could hike down to that had boulders in the forefront. We got there a few hours ahead and explored the coastline ’til we found the perfect spot and then put our “dubbs” on it. It’s common to find a spot and then return only to find other photographers set up on your chosen spot. So you learn, when you find it, you gotta hold on to it.

Lake Tahoe SunsetDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Lake Tahoe Sunset
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Twi-lights of San Francisco

There’s a great spot up on the hill above the Golden Gate Bridge at Hendrick Point,to photograph the city lights of San Francisco, looking east. There was a photography class of maybe 30 photographers all lined up, trying to get the shot. Fortunately for us, it was a fogless night, a rare moment here during our stay. I couldn’t imagine charging people money, only to have the bridge completely fogged in. I guess you just take your chances.

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Golden Gate from Hendrick PointDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Golden Gate from Hendrick Point
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero, California

High above a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean is Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It was exciting arriving during a period when flowers blanketed the hillsides. Imagine how treacherous it was for mariners traveling at night in these rocky coastal waters. I can still feel the cold wind whipping up from below the cliffs, when I view this photo.

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Pigeon Point, Pecadero, CalifDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Pigeon Point, Pecadero, Calif
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Bass Lake near Oakhurst, California

This lake was a pleasant surprise out of the mountains of Yosemite National Park. After spending 3 days in Yosemite on a photo tour, I found this lake near the town of Oakhurst where I was staying. I spent the day hanging out here, before heading to Fresno for a late trip back to Phoenix. Felt like I had the place to myself. It’s always fun when that happens, especially shooting landscapes.

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Bass Lake, Oakhusrt, CaliforniaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Bass Lake, Oakhusrt, California
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons


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Fallen Leaf Lake near Lake Tahoe

A short distance out of South Lake Tahoe, California, we discovered Fallen Leaf Lake quite by accident. It was one of those,”let’s just get off the main road and head for the back country”. We never know where we’re going to end up. Sometimes you hit a gem like this spot. There were homes and cabins along the lake shore and eventually we came upon a marina and restaurant at the south end. Nice find off the beaten path. This perspective shot, was right up the dock looking north.

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Fallen Leaf Lake, CaliforniaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Fallen Leaf Lake, California
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Petrified Wood Cascades in Northern, California

I didn’t take notice when I was shooting this photo that the rock formation was very similiar to petrified wood. I’m use to seeing this in Arizona, but California? I was more interested in the cascades, with the old growth forest surrounding it. Then the trouble began. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the hole I had climbed in. Sometimes we are so focused on getting the shot, we don’t always see the dangers we put ourselves in. I’m speaking of photographers and the chances we take to bring home these shots.

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Petrified Wood CascadesDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Petrified Wood Cascades
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Walking Bridge in Yosemite Valley, California

Surrounded by towering mountains, the Merced River meanders through Yosemite Valley. I could spend days here just wandering along the river banks, enjoying the cool breezes, wild life and grassy fields that make up the valley. This walking bridge made a good photographic spot along the trail. I had to wait for a family that was forever enjoying the water under the bridge. I remained patient and they finally moved on.

Daily Photo:

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Bridge in Yosemite ValleyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Bridge in Yosemite Valley
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Boulders on Northern California Coast

The fog had lifted somewhat and patches of blue started to appear. Pretty normal summer weather along the California Coast. We manage to make it up along the coast each year, typically in the summer, when weather in Phoenix is blistering hot. It’s a great change and one of the best places for coastal photography with coves, cliffs, mountainous regions and of course fog!

Boulders on Northern California Coast
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sentinel Dome,Yosemite National Park

A nice vigorous mile hike to get to the top of Sentinel Dome to catch the sunset light of this 8,122 ft high hill. From this high point you can see 360 degrees around all of Yosemite. Quite invigorating and worth the trip.

Daily Photo:

This photo was taken atop of Sentinel Dome looking west, with 3 photos of different exposure, than sent through Photomatix and Photoshop CS5 and Topaz for post-processing.

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Sentinel Dome, Yosemite
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Getting Tunnel Vision at Tunnel View in Yosemite

Daily Photo:

As you’re coming in from the south on State Route 41, you pass through this mile long tunnel that opens up to the Yosemite Valley. You can’t help but pull off and take in the vistas of El Capitan, Half Moon and Bridalveil Falls. I spent a few hours at sunset shooting the changing light from a thunderhead that was breaking up to show a full moon. As the crowds disappeared and I was there alone, I decided to turn my camera to the tunnel, setup for a long exposure, to catch the red,white and orange beams of light from a few cars passing through the tunnel. They probably thought I was a little crazy, hugging the road in darkness.

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Tunnel View, Yosemite
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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