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Cruisin’ Through Glacier Bay, Alaska

I don’t think I’ve felt farther from civilization, then I felt in Glacier Bay, Alaska. It’s like you get a flat tire there, you’re gonna be eaten by wolves. Well being on a cruiseship, it could break down. I guess that’s not a bad thing. By the time you eat up all the food, another cruiseship is barreling through. You might get a little tired of the entertainment.

Not many people go out on deck, when cruising in Alaska. The air, even in the summer is quite cold, when the boat is moving. But the scenery is like nowhere else in the world. My guess is the only place close, would be up in Sweden and Norway, through the fjords, and down in New Zealand through Fjordland. Got to put those on my bucket list.

Daily Photo:

Glacier Bay, AlaskaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Glacier Bay, Alaska
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Tour Boat at Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska

Little late getting this photo out. Busy time of year.

Doesn’t this look a bit frigid. Well it actually was. Pieces of ice float by the tour boat as it approaches Margerie Glacier off to the right. I decided to go with a black and white HDR photo, with a little green showing through. You can see photos of the Margerie Glacier under “Categories”, then “Alaska”. We were watching from a distance on the comfort of a Cruiseship. Though it wasn’t that comfortable because it was raining at the time. Keeping the camera from the weather is always a challenge in circumstances like this. But you do what you can and just marvel at the majesty of it all. That is Alaska!

Daily Photo:

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Glacier Bay Tour BoatDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Glacier Bay Tour Boat
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Cruise Ship Pier at Juneau, Alaska

Pulling into Alaska’s capital of Juneau almost looks make-believe from atop a cruise ship using a bit of HDR. It was raining and that made it fun and different for us Arizonians. We spent the day walking all over Juneau, with umbrellas and a nice steady rain. What more could you ask for. We don’t get much of that in the desert, so it truly was a pleasant experience, soaked shoes and all.

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Cruise Ship Pier, Alaska
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Enjoying the Calm of Boothbay Harbor

I don’t know. With all the crazy weather and so many folks struggling to get back to normal in the Northeast, I just had to go through my arsenal of photos and find a more peaceful time when I was there. One early summer evening in Maine, when I was sitting on the harbor in Boothbay, enjoying the stillness of the unseasonably cool night, I took this photo. It’s nothing special. I just remember the peace I found just sitting there alone. I was actually freezing, while people back home in Phoenix, were unseasonable hot, smelting in the desert. A few days later in Maine it became unseasonably hot in the 90’s. We decided to cut our trip short because it became too hot in Maine. A 105 degrees in Phoenix feels better than 90 degrees in Maine. Go figure!

Most of us just want things to be normal. I wish for folks that our struggling with the cold and their losses, will soon find their normal again. Things always come back around. I guess that’s hard to believe when you’re sitting in the midst of a crisis. But it will happen.. in time!

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The Calm of Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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At Waters Edge, Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco

A view of Oakland Bay Bridge from Embarcadero in downtown San Francisco. A foggy week was replaced with blue skies and warm temperature. The locals came out in groves as did tourist, as did photographers.

Daily Photo:

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Oakland Bay Bridge
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Full Moon Over The Golden Gate Bridge

Daily Photo:

San Francisco is usually very foggy in August, but we lucked out with a couple of clear days. I spent a few hours at sunset on the cliffs overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Being from Arizona, I didn’t plan on it being so flippin’ cold in the evening. I ended back at the car with freezing cold hands and the heat on to thaw out. I guess I shouldn’t complain to much.  Got to experience an incredibly beautiful moonlit night at one the most photographed bridges in all the world.

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Full Moon Over The Golden Gate Bridge
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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Cruise Ship Westerdam in Sitka, Alaska

Daily Photo:

Love cruising! You unpack once and you’re done for the week. Somebody else takes the wheel, and you do whatever it is you want to do. Recently we spent a week cruising out of Seattle to Glacier Bay and back. Imagine leaving 112 degrees in Phoenix to an area that is 40-50’s. We spent most of the time with jackets and gloves on and loved every minute of it. I think one of these months I’m going to do a whole month of cruising photos from the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico and Europe. That will take some putting together, but I think I’m up to it. If you want to know about some of our favorite cruising spots let me know.

Westerdam in Sitka, Alaska

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Lobster Shack in Bar Harbor, Maine

Daily Photo:

Where better to get lobster then in Maine. Everywhere you look you see promotions by local restaurants with Lobster on the menu. Some even promote two for one deals. Maine is a favorite destination in early June before the tourist season begins. B&B’s have room and the weather is usually good. Bar Harbor has a great walking trail along the bay that is fun to stroll after dinner. As you walk along the trail, you can check out the backyards of huge homes and see how the other half live. Pricey area and beautiful views. Who wouldn’t want to have a 2nd 0r 3rd home in this area.

Lobster Shack in Bar Harbor, Maine
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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San Diego Skyline

Daily Photo:

The fog was starting to move in on San Diego one evening as we were strolling along the bay. The clouds and fog gave off bright hues of golds, yellows and browns. Other photographers were out trying to catch the skyline and complained their shots weren’t coming out very well. I told them to try shooting multiple shots at different exposures and merge them later in a program like Photomatix. I don’t know if they bothered, but I’m sure glad I did. The bay was rocking the mast of the sailboats pretty good and that was a pain to deal with the ghosting. Anti-ghosting settings in Photomatix helped, but as we know, movement doesn’t heed well with HDR.

San Diego Skyline
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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