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Colors of Autumn at Yellowstone National Park

I guess years ago fires ravaged this area as is evident of the scarcity of trees and low lying bushes and scrubs that have taken there place. It made for some interesting fall colors, just creeping along the ground and out into the meadows. I spent quite a bit of time just wandering through the swampy, low lying area. Kind of felt at home in the muck, sort of speak.

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Glade Creek Grist Mill-Revisit in West Virginia

I had to go and try it again this past fall, ahead of a trip to Germany. I had heard the changing leaves in North Carolina and West Virginina were exceptional and that was my cue. Nothing is more fun than crawling up some wooded back road, not knowing what’s up around the next bend. The county roads go on forever. Getting lost was part of the experience, where GPS was a waste of time. The Grist Mill happens to be the most photographed spot in West Virgina. Something out of a Kinkade painting. I’m sure he made many trips here in the fall. There is no better time to come.

Daily Photo:

Autumn at Glade Creek Grist MillDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Autumn at Glade Creek Grist Mill
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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West Virginia Wandering Cascades

Autumn this year was blazing colorful in West Virgina, but they had such a dry season , one could hardly find any nice waterfalls. So I dug through my arsenal of photos from my last trip and found this beautiful cascade, which has no name, that I could find. It just happened to be on a country back road, just waiting for me to find. It was completely gone this year, so I reminisce.

Daily Photo:

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West Virginia Cascades
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Autumn Hay Fields in West Virginia

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Daily Photo:

I love to just get on a plane, sometimes not much planning in advance, rent a car and then go wildly and freely into the country. I watched the Internet for peak season in West Virginia this year, so to best plan a fly back and take advantage of changing colors of fall. West Virgina is a great place for leaf-peeping. This country road was blazing with color, so I got off the Freeway and just let it take me into the hills. No traffic, no people around, just the horses, cows and me. So Happy Thankgiving to you all, and may we gives thanks for our blessings, and help those less fortunate then ourselves.

Hay Fields in West Virginia
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Fresh Snow on Germany’s Back Roads

On our tour through Germany on the “Romantic Road” trip, I found myself wanting to get as far off the beaten path as possible, so we would veer onto dirt farm roads and drive through the blazing colors of autumn. When the snow started coming down, it set a whole different mood. The mix between fall and winter was quite exuberating.   I would walk the snowy roads, shooting at every turn, while my wife drove in the car, following behind. She didn’t get out of the woods without getting a few snowballs thrown her way!

What I found interesting about this photo, was two separate scenes stuck side-by-side. Winter on the left, Autumn on the right. Crazy!

Daily Photo:

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Snowy Autumn Back Roads
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Stadt Park at Weikersheim Castle, Germany

Spent the past week touring the 385 kilometer “Romantic Road” in Germany. From Frankfurt to King Ludwig II’s fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein near the foothills of the Alps.

This tree-lined park, bright with autumn colors is adjacent to the Weikersheim Castle. This week I took 53 GB’s of photographs along the route hitting as many towns as time would allow. I’ll be sharing more of Germany in the weeks and months to come.

Daily Photo:

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Weikersheim Castle, Germany

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Autumn Falls on Boley Lake, West Virginia

Happy Halloween!!

Time to photograph the kids as they collect lots of candy for me! Maybe it’s just a dream.

Daily Photo:

A visit last week to Babcock State Park was a repeat trip from a few years ago. Trying to hit West Virginia’s most photographed spot at just the right time is difficult to do. While waiting for the sun to set I ran up to Boley Lake, just a mile up the hill, to grab some shots of an incredible lake glowing with color. I spent a few hours hiking around the lake shooting tons of shots. More to share at another time.

Boley Lake, Babcock State Park, West Virginia

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Red Maple near Park City, Utah

Daily Photo:

I was lost in color as I climbed back into the thick of it, in this huge grove of maple trees near Park City, Utah. I was totally surrounded by all this never-ending burst of reds. It was hard to figure what to photograph, to break it down into a simplied form. So I just picked a small part of a tree, and let that speak for the entire forest.

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Maple Tree in Park City
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Somewhere in West Virgina

Daily Photo:

I was on my way to Babcock State Park to shoot the Babcock Grist Mill. I saw this river and bridge and had to pull off the road and grab a shot. The beautiful autumn leaves were in full bloom and the distance mountains set it off nicely. Anybody know where I am, let me know. This happens alot when you’re traveling, and just pull over in your car and start shooting.

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Somewhere in West Virginia
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Bridge Under the New River Gorge Bridge


Fall is a great time to take the winding dirt road into the River Gorge,West Virgina. Beautiful autumn colors light up the deep gorge. At the bottom you cross a bridge that leads you up to Wolf Creek. I spent a day just photographing this incredible valley.

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Bridge Under The River Gorge
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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