Colors of Autumn at Yellowstone National Park

I guess years ago fires ravaged this area as is evident of the scarcity of trees and low lying bushes and scrubs that have taken there place. It made for some interesting fall colors, just creeping along the ground and out into the meadows. I spent quite a bit of time just wandering through the swampy, low lying area. Kind of felt at home in the muck, sort of speak.

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4 thoughts on “Colors of Autumn at Yellowstone National Park

  1. We visited Yellowstone not long after the fires – and it was strangely beautiful to see the fireweed and other colorful bushes coming back to the landscape.

  2. meggiemae67

    I was at Yellowstone during a fire. We were on the other side for the most part, but once, we were driving through on the other side and we thought it was fog we saw! lol We found out later that day it was the fire. It is such an amazing place though! I can’t wait to go back there one day! 😀

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