Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy

Just a short boat ride from Venice is a small colorful island community of Burano. Famous for lace, it offers the traveler a rainbow of colors to enjoy, as each home is painted in individually, distinctive colors. Each time we visit Venice, we make plans to stop over in Burano for some serious photography. Venice is great, but quaint Burano has a personality all it’s own. Walk the canal streets, relax at an outside restaurant, take in the locals, admire the rows of homes and gift shops across the island.. and don’t forget your camera.

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Yellow Boat in Burano, ItalyDave Morgan, Creative Commons

Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy
Dave Morgan, Creative Commons

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2 thoughts on “Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy

  1. I LOVE the colors — it makes me smile while I’m trapped in all of this snow in the midwest!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ve heard you guys got hit pretty hard. Tough time to travel. Stay home and dream of neat places to go when the weather gets better.

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