Old Growth Forest of the Olympic Peninsula

On the way to the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park, I stopped off to wander through some old growth forest. I found a dirt road andI just started walking. The eerie wet forest was alive with activity mostly from under my feet. Everywhere you walked it was spongy. You could hear the buzzing, scaping and knawing sounds from organisms,insects, animals and who knows what else, decomposing the earth from below. I was afraid I would fall into the abyss never to be heard from again. Traveling alone, it’s easy to get spooked by these types of things. I took a couple of photos and wandered back to the truck to get back on track for my journey to the Hoh Rain Forest.

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Rain Forest, Olympic Peninsula
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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2 thoughts on “Old Growth Forest of the Olympic Peninsula

  1. There you are. I have missed you! I feel like since you are so busy lately, your blog is the only way to feel close to you! You write beautifully and photograph even prettier. This picture is amazing 🙂 watched the wedding video you made me tonight with the song you sang. So thankful for such a wonderful dad. Love you.

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