The Kutte Swiss Restaurant in Helvetia, West Virginia

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We found this quaint little village, population of 59, quite by accident driving the backroads of West Virgina. We decided to get lost way back in the hills of West Virgina, so we took all the remote roads we could find and eventually ran into this neat little town. We stopped at this amazing restaurant called “The Kutte Swiss Restaurant”, for lunch. The food was incredible. The waitresses wore tradtional Swiss and German clothes and bonnets. The restaurant was stuffed full of antiques. Each room of this home-converted to restaurant, was unique with antiquities from the last few hundred years. I think we spent a couple hours enjoying and photographing this restaurant and village and driving off with some great memories. The isolated community was settled by Swiss, starting in 1869, and is known today for maintaining Swiss traditions, food, and folkways. It’s great in this day and age , to find these treasures unexpectantly along the roads less traveled. I hope you folks with wanderlust in your heart, who enjoy vicariously visiting these travel blogs, take the time to jump in your car, head down the road, with no particular direction in mind, and just discover beautiful places.

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The Kuttes Swiss Restaurant-1
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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