Umbrellas On Parade, San Francisco,Ca

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We were at The Fish Market in Seattle when we went by a store that was all umbrellas, and quite fancy ones at that. I had never seen a store that specialised in elaborate colorful umbrellas before. I wonder if people actually go out in the rain with those expensive things. Being from Phoenix, we hardly ever see umbrellas. If we’re going to a rainy location, we usually pack the kind you can fold up and put in a suitcase. If it breaks we just throw it away. I guess if you break one of those expensive ones, you can use the material for scarfs or handkerchiefs, or something.

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Umbrella Store
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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3 thoughts on “Umbrellas On Parade, San Francisco,Ca

  1. Beautiful pic! Here in Hawaii, there are of course a lot of Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese peoples. Among them, many use parasols or umbrellas to shield from the sunlight as they prefer to remain fair. I wish it were standard to be caucasian and blonde with my original Welsh-inspired-white skin; then I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping a tan!

    • Travel Bugster

      In Arizona where I am you would think that more poeple would use umbrellas (even colorful ones) to protect themselves from our intense sun, but no, you don’t see it. I see asians in my own neighborhood, who walk with a piece of cardboard blocking the sun from their face. I guess what ever works!

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