Moon Over The Gold Nugget, Shell Beach, California

Daily Photo:

The golden hues of the sunset on this giant rock or “Sea Stack” of sorts, kind of reminded me of a huge “gold nugget”. I wander if there is one, somewhere buried deep in the earth, waiting to be found. One gold piece that size would make you rich as Bill Gates. I digress.

This beautiful beach we stayed at this summer, is called Shell Beach, which is just north of the infamous party beach-Pismo Beach. We were there a few days before July 4th celebrations and from our room high on the cliffs of Shell Beach, we could watch the R.V’s and campers clamouring through the sand dunes, looking to find a place on the beach to celebrate the 4th. Pismo Beach is one of the few beaches I know of, where you can drive right down on the beach and set up camp. Pretty cool idea.

In 1971, while stationed at Vandenburg Air Base, I had the rare opportunity on Pismo Beach, to see theĀ bioluminescence of phytoplankton, light up the waves and our footprints as we walked. I have never seen it since. I have heard, the Island of Viques, off Puerto Rico, has seen these little “light up in the dark fish”.

More info on Photoplankton-

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Gold Nugget, Shell Beach

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