Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park, San Diego

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On a recent trip this summer to San Diego we stayed at a B&B, just walking distance from this famous park. Everyone knows about the popularity of the San Diego Zoo which is in Balboa Park, but most people miss the beautiful architecture that surrounds the park. Since taking photos of animals is not my thing, wandering around shooting buildings and landscapes is. HDR photography works best when things don’t move, since you have to take multiple pictures and then merge them together. Otherwise you get ghosting and other problems. Usually wind gives you enough problems to deal with and HDR programs provide some latitude for this as long as it is not extreme, like it was on a recent springtime trip to Arches National Park.

Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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2 thoughts on “Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park, San Diego

  1. Yeah, I was a fan of the architecture over the animals too. Beautiful buildings!

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