St Mary Falls, Glacier National Park

Daily Photo:

It was getting near sunset and I had my doubts about trekking on a 1 mile hike out to St Mary Falls, alone. This is Wyoming, wild bear country and I have a fear about bears. I’ve run into them face-to-face before, seen them on many trails and I’m not fond of it. I never ventured out this late in the day, but I knew this would be the perfect time to catch a good shot of the falls. An Asian couple was speeding by me and I ask if I could tag along. We made it to the falls in record time. They wanted to snap a quick picture and head back. I convinced them to hang out for a little while so I could get my gear set up and snap a few different perspectives. They lasted for about 5 minutes and I did not want to be left behind, so I packed it in and we headed back. It doesn’t take much to spook yourself when you’re traveling alone. This stop was late in the season and they were closing Glacier National Park for the winter in just a few days. I was on a 6000 mile, two month journey to hit all the National Parks in the Northwest, including some in Canada. I kept moving south and autumn was coming in full bloom. I’ll share some of those another time.

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2 thoughts on “St Mary Falls, Glacier National Park

  1. Just beautiful!!!!

  2. Thanks for checking it out!

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