Autumn at Wolf Creek

Daily Photo:

I flew out from Phoenix to spend a week exploring West Virgina in the autumn. New River Gorge was one of my planned destinations. Years ago we had stopped here and did a little hiking and I always wanted to come back. This time I was prepared, or so I thought I was. I had come with 3 camera format options:; large format, medium format and digital. I was never big into large format, because well it was big and heavy and hard to hike with. I did not bring a big enough tripod, so by mid day after hiking a mile to waterfalls, I lost patience and muscle and packed it away. It was expensive, $4.00 each time I took a picture. This photo of cascades on Wolf Creek, not far from underneath the New River Gorge in West Virgina, was one of my favorites of the trip. I used the digital camera this time. It was sunset, deep in a valley and was quite dangerous to take. This perspective took balancing my tripod on 3 rocks on top of a cliff, with nowhere to stand. I had no way to use the viewfinder, so I just kept shooting and adjusting until it worked. One of those “don’t try this at home” moments.

P.S: The airlines broke the large format camera into pieces on the way back to Phoenix. I put it on E-bay and sold it to some guy in Alaska who bought it for parts, for what I paid for it. Easy come, easy go!

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Wolf Creek Cascades, West Virgina
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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