La Jolla Cove, California

100th post: Hurray!!

Today marks my 100th daily post. It’s like exercise, hard to stay at it.  I don’t know how many of you ever tried to do a daily post and all that it entails, but it’s quite difficult to juggle all the demands on your time. As summer nears the plan is to spend more time out and about shooting in different locations. The real test begins. As many have learned, you don’t always end up somewhere with internet access. So, I’ll do my best to keep it up, but I’m sure I’ll end up in the back woods somewhere asking some chipmunk if I can borrow her wi-fi.

Daily Photo:

The  grassed park behind me was bustling with activity with families enjoying their kids, frisbee’s buzzing through the air, joggers, bicyclist and rollers bladers sucking in the fresh air as they rolled by.  You would never know how busy it was, from looking at the serene cliffs, covered with flowers and sandy coves. I guess below me were the curious explorers checking out the knooks and crannies and cliffs and caves that existed along the La Jolla coast. For me, finding a clear moment to shoot a lovely shot of a beautiful sunset was all that was on my mind. The sun faded off behind the clouds, never to appear, but still made for a lovely shot over the Pacific Ocean.

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La Jolla Cove, California
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons


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