A New Year’s Sunset in Arizona

Wow!! 90 Daily Post and counting!

I took it as a challenge to try and post one photo each day of a journey I’ve taken somewhere in the world in the last few years. About 80% of the photos I post are HDR. I feel there is a story behind each photo and most of the time I let the photo tell most of the story. Though landscapes are my passion, I occasionally wander off into other styles. I travel frequently and my goal is to share with you some of the special places I have visited and hope you find some that can end up on your bucket list. This week I’m photographing some special spots around San Diego and will be bringing them to you soon. Exciting destinations are also planned this summer. Stay tuned and thanks to all for visiting.

Daily Photo:

Each year a buddy of mine throws a New Year’s Party up next to the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix in Arizona. Each year as luck would have it there are spectacular sunsets. He lives on the edge of a preserve that is the foothills of what is pretty much a desert wilderness. As it gets dark you hear the coyotes in the distance and you’re looking over your shoulder for mountain lions that have been spotted frequently enough in the area. My friend starts summoning me back to the party, saying, “It’s not safe out there alone after dark”. I yell back,”Not before I get my shot”! He never goes out beyond his property without a gun. My only weapon is a tripod with a camera attached. It gets creepy after dusk so I head back with hopefully some good shots. You be the judge, but one thing is for sure ..you can’t beat those Arizona sunsets!

New Years Sunset in Arizona
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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