Coconut Island Bridge-Hilo, Hawaii

Daily Photo:

Something about bridges and HDR photography tend to go together well. This bridge just outside our hotel led to a neat little island full of coconut trees. We ended up getting caught in a huge rainstorm that had us running for the rest area for shelter. Not uncommon for the leeward side of the Big Island of Hawaii. In fact, being from Arizona we get so little rain, that we welcomed all the rain we could get. Nothing beats sitting out on a porch during a summer rain.

Coconut Island, Hilo, Hawaii
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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2 thoughts on “Coconut Island Bridge-Hilo, Hawaii

  1. Bowman Olds

    The photo of the bridge brings back a lot of memories. Our house use to be where the Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Hotel is today. In those days we had to get to Coconut Island by row boat – Bo

    • We had fun watching the teenagers jumping from an old rock structure that was out in the water about 2 stories up. Any idea what that was?

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