Wailua River, Kauai, Hawaii

I had heard that shark travel up this river in Kauai once in a while and people have been attacked. So kayaking for me was out. I thought maybe skydiving might be safer. I then decided photographing from the shore was maybe safer, and so, this picture was a result of all that analysis.

Many films since the fifties have been filmed on or around the Wailua river, including Blue Hawaii, “The Lost World”-Jurassic Park, “Outbreak” and more recently the real life story of the girl who lost her arm to a shark attack-“Soul Surfer”. A scene from the movie was filmed just upstream from this location with Carrie Underwood.

The Wailua River winds through several ecosystems.  From forested river banks and tall cliffs to lush green rain forest as you wind upriver.

Wailua River, Kauai, Hawaii
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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5 thoughts on “Wailua River, Kauai, Hawaii

  1. You forgot to mention that this is where Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii was filmed! My kids kayaked this river to the falls and had a great time — did not encounter any sharks! It is a beautiful place and your picture brought back lots of wonderful memories.

    • I did mention it in 2nd paragraph, “Blue Hawaii”, just forgot to quote it. Sorry.-Dave

      • So much for my being able to read!! I must have just been so enamored by the picture that I completely forgot how to form words! Sorry about that!

      • Hey appreciate you sharing your experiences. Someday I might try that kayak trip.

      • or maybe that thing they do where you stand on a surf board and just guide it with a pole in the water – not sure what it is called — all I know is that I would feel safer in a kayak where a shark has to at least have a can opener to get to me!

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