Red Irish Sunset, Ireland


This seaside sunset could be anywhere. This one took a little bit of a challenge to get back from. Crevasses were everywhere, some quite wide and deep, to jump over. I figured, after dark without a flash light, I was going to have a problem, and I did. Fall into one of the deep cracks and you’re a goner.  Needless to say I took it slow and very sure-footed. I don’t know why, as photographers, we’ll  take so many chances.

Red Irish Sunset
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

This photo was taken directly west of a small town called Doolin, just north of the “Cliffs of Moher”. A red graduated neutral-density filter was used.


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5 thoughts on “Red Irish Sunset, Ireland

  1. I still get the heebies thinking about the terrain there, but the photo was fun getting. Thanx for stopping by.

  2. so gorgeous!

  3. Because we always get a better photo if we go a bit futher, a bit more to t he left or just around the next rock.. Or at least so we think 😉

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