Cascades in Washington State

Daily Photo:

After visiting Snoqualmie Falls east of Seattle, Washington, I headed into the hills to get lost. I was in search of waterfalls big or small heading up toward Fall City. There was a slight drizzle in the air, perfect for waterfalls shots. I found many that day just along the side of the road. This particular cascade was interesting with a walking bridge to accent the shot. Washington is a very beautiful state with incredible waterfalls everywhere. Best run-offs of course are in the spring, but this shot was taken late summer. Still a fair amount of water running down through the hills.

Cascades near Fall City, Washington
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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8 thoughts on “Cascades in Washington State

  1. Great photo! But it’s missing any shadows. 😦 Especially because you shot this on the west side of the Cascades, where Douglas Firs dominate the forest, standing tall and close together, reaching for sunlight, their canopy tends to block out the light of day, keeping the area dark. (To see wildflowers, you need either to hike above timberline, or go east of the tallest mountains, into their rain shadow, where the forest opens up into meadows.)

    • Hi Forrest and thank you for the input. To understand how HDR photography works the shadows in the midtones are brighten to give a more natural way of seeing as your eye saw it on location. It was a very neutral day with overcast skies which naturally softens the shadows, then you add HDR and you can create this exposure. You go to some amazing places and it might be fun to try some HDR if you can take a tripod, it would be worth it. Love your site, keep up the good work!-Dave

  2. claude

    Having lived in Washington and spent lots of days in the field under the conditions you describe I thought it was a great shot. It seems as if the sun dies in October only to resurrect again in March. A typical marine west-coast climate. People don’t tan in Washington – they rust.

  3. Very nice – I love the waterfalls in the Cascades – there’s a shot on my blog as well. Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to discover yours.

  4. If you didn’t already know and wanted to put a name to this falls for posterity, this is Deception Falls on HWY2(Stevens Pass). Nice shot of it too, not to be a jerk and nitpik, but it’s quite a ways from Fall City continued safe journeys, take care.

    • Thank you -Jay for clearing that up. I for the life of me could not remember what this falls was called. I had gone on a 6000 mile trekk up through the national parks of the northwest U.S. and into Canada and this one fell through the cracks. Thanks for coming to the rescue.-Dave

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