Lover’s Cove-La Jolla California

Daily Photo:

The ritzy and glitzy town of La Jolla north of San Diego sits on the hill above this beautiful stretch of beach. Flowers blanket the cliffs and a nice couple conveniently were enjoying the evening as I patiently waited for a sunset that didn’t happen. In spite of the that, the colors were vibrant and the clouds added to the subdued mood of this surreal moment. See my gallery above for all my photos.

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5 thoughts on “Lover’s Cove-La Jolla California

  1. La Jolla is a beautiful place!!!

  2. What a beautiful shot. We are headed to La Jolla in June – can’t wait!

    • La Jolla is beautiful. Anytime I’m in San Diego, I try to make the trip up to wander along the cliffs. Years ago I had a photo studio right off the beach in La Jolla. Quite nice. You guys going on vacation?

      • It will be nine days of vacation for me. For my husband, it will be mostly work and a little play. I’ve been to San Diego before but never to La Jolla. I love the outdoors – beach, hiking, kayaking, etc. Any suggestions?

      • You will love La Jolla. You and your husband can explore along the cliffs. There’s a beautiful cove you can climb down to the beach and tan there. You can walk along the ocean forever so you guys might like that after dinner. I nice drive is down hwy 1 all the way to San Diego or up the coast. Lots of stops along the way. Inland you have casinos,Alpine is a neat little town in the hills. I’ll think of more and let you know.

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