Beam Me Up Scotty-Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Daily Photo:

As I meet photographers planning a trip to Antelope Canyon, near Page, Arizona I tell them how incredibly cool their experience is going to be and 2 suggestions for a better experience. One, book their trip and spend the extra money and get on a “photographer’s tour” and second, buy a surgical mask to keep the dust out of their lungs. Their are so many people from around the world visiting this place, going with a photo group gives you some advantages. They hold back the crowds so you can take pictures. How sweet is that! And second the guides throw sand in the air to make the light beams stand out more and of course in closed quarters, you’re going to be breathing that dust. Oh, and a maybe a third, if you wear contacts..don’t!

All photos are Creative Commons-Non-Commercial. Use for fun, blogs or whatever but you must link to: and give credit to Dave Morgan

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3 thoughts on “Beam Me Up Scotty-Antelope Canyon, Arizona

  1. I’ve heard that people have to wait for hours to get the most superb lighting and capture the ultimate moment to get this effect… your photo is really outstanding!

    • In Antelope Canyon you go in as part of a tour and they usher you along and you have to stay in your group. You can’t wait around for things to be perfect. I researched and found the best time to go with the sun most direct over head is May and June. I went in May trying to stay away from summer high season. Mine is at a slight angle suggesting the sun was still a bit south. Thanks for the comment.

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