Mesa Arch Sunrise

Daily Photo:

It’s 5 A.M., a time I rarely wish to see, but this morning was special. I arrived the day before to scope out this famous photographer’s spot in Canyonlands National Park in Utah called, “Mesa Arch”. I’d heard you had to get there before dawn to lock down a spot to have the prize shot of the day. It’s a 45 minute drive from Moab, Utah. The day before I hiked down to get my bearings, knowing I had to find it in the dark. Other photographers had mentioned you can get off the trail and get lost. Well I arrived around 6 A.M. and it was indeed pitch black. And indeed I got off the trail and got lost. I come up on a ridge of the canyon that suddenly went dark into the abyss. I knew I had to figure this out quickly or I’d lose out getting a good spot. So I stopped panicking, stopped breathing and started listening for voices in the distance. I heard someone and started heading for the sound of their voice and found my way. Within 20 minutes another 20 photographers showed up. I had the coveted spot and held my ground and this was the result of 5 photos taken at different exposures and merged together using Photomatix, processed in Photoshop and Topaz. Please see my gallery for all my photos.

All photos are Creative Commons-Non-Commercial. Use for fun, blogs or whatever but you must link to: and give credit to Dave Morgan

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6 thoughts on “Mesa Arch Sunrise

  1. Great shot! With the nature rock framing over the mountains and valley beyond.

  2. Art X Nullality

    This photo is astonishing, which version of photomatix are you using? (tried cs6 beta? it’s phenomenal!).

  3. Another great shot here – Peter Lik, watch your back! šŸ™‚

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