Swimming Hole-Washington State

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I think as kids we all loved to fly across the water on a rope and splash into a river or lake, just to climb out and do it all over again. I grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania.  In the lazy hazy days of summer when it was hot and humid, we searched out the ol’ swimming holes. I remember swinging out out on a bull rope trying to get as high in the air as possible and letting go. What a blast! Or should I say, “what a splash”! Makes me want to find a swing over a swimming hole and do it all over again. This one I found in Washington state exploring along the Snoqualmie river. I sat there and dreamed of bygone days and imagined how many kids enjoyed this little spot tucked away under ther trees, tanning on the rocks. Sweet memories.

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3 thoughts on “Swimming Hole-Washington State

  1. Stunning crystal clear waters!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is beautiful. I live near the Snoq river may I ask where this place is? I want to take my own kids there. 🙂

    • Boy I wish I could remember. It was a long day driving and I would pull over and take photos when it wasn’t raining. Sorry. Wish my camera had GPS!

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