The ‘Ol Homestead in Montana

Daily Photo:

I’m sure there are alot of forgotten dreams and abandoned homesteads across this great nation. This one off Highway Interstate 90 in Montana has seen better days, but now just lost in the grass fields that surround it, ever decaying. I walked the grounds of this weather-stained house and the surrounding farm for quite awhile wondering about the family that once cared for it, the memories that were made here and the kids that must have grown-up playing and working in these rolling hills. It seemed to sit out in the middle of nowhere. Farming equipment, cars and trucks, just rusting, frozen in time. It appeared, the owners just got up one day and left.  As I drove away, I kept looking in my rear-view mirror, as it slowly faded away, and how somewhere in someone’s memories, this place..has faded away.

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One thought on “The ‘Ol Homestead in Montana

  1. Great photo. It draws me back to another time of life lived off the land.

    Classic house.

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