Acropolis-Pillars of Might

Daily Photo:

Probably not the best of times to be hanging out in Athens, Greece. It was hot and sticky with alot of demonstrations and unrest going on. We found it best to stay low key and visit the major tourist routes. The Acropolis of Athens being one such place was heavy with tourist. So trying to get a decent photo of a spot that has seen a billion photographs was not easy.  Working around groups of tourist took a bit of patients but I guess sooner or later you find your shot. All of Athens as far as you can see, primarily of white structures, sprawl out from atop this ancient citadel.

All photos are Creative Commons-Non-Commercial. Use for fun, blogs or whatever but you must link to: and give credit to Dave Morgan


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2 thoughts on “Acropolis-Pillars of Might

  1. Don B Morgan

    Great Pictures Dave, I started to get into photography as well; but my job is preventing me from going places I would like to go. all my life, I’ve been wanting to visit Germany and many other places as well like Great Falls in Montana. but I’ll just leave it in your hands and make believe. Again great pictures, keep it up Dave.and Happy Hunting

    • Hey Bro,
      There is beauty all around. Don’t have to wonder to far to find it! Just get out and start shootin’. Pictures that is. Gotta lot more coming so stay tuned.

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