Venice: Beyond Gondolas & Pigeons

Daily Photo: Surreal Venice!

I never grow tired of Venice. I can remember as a young photo enthusiast taking many trips on the train from Aviano Air Force Base in Italy down to Venice to spend the evenings trying to capture the sunsets over the hazy Grand Canal. Everyone wants to go to Venice to pay a singing Gondelier to navigate the narrow and noisy canals and waterways in a private Gondola and knock another destination off their bucket list.

The pigeons in St Mark’s Square will be glad to eat out of your hand, on your head or anywhere else you place a morsel of food  Something you would never consider doing in New York City or anywhere else. In fact in our hometown we will go as far as hiring a pigeon removal company to get them away from our homestead. So why the intrigue?

Venice is a special place. The dark and musty maze of canals, bridges and walkways seems to whisper it’s long and tumultuous history.. slow down and listen!

Venice cannot be absorbed or felt in merely a weekend stop-over. It’s not in the tourist menus at the endless rows of restaurants or the myriad of souvenir shops along the way. Watch the locals at work, at lunch, at play to understand the real Venice..never rushed absorbing life one small step at a time. Watch them at the markets, at the lesser travelled corridors along the way to gain an appreciation for the real Venice. Sit on a bench, enjoy a gelato and then enjoy another! Venetians are great at being Venetians.

Meld become Venetian. Experience Venice away from the hustle and bustle of mainstream thoroughfares. Get off the beaten path and trod Venice like a Venetian.. and snap away!

All photos are Creative Commons-Non-Commercial. Use for fun, blogs or whatever, but you must link to and give credit to Dave Morgan


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One thought on “Venice: Beyond Gondolas & Pigeons

  1. Rachel

    I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and Venice. C.J. said we would go one day. I think it would be perfect if you two would go with us and be our tour guides. I would be too nervous and overwhelmed to do it alone. Would you be interested in planning a trip with us in the next year or two to do this???

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